Packing for an adventurous holiday

When packing for an adventurous holiday, a well provisioned first aid kit is essential ... photo by CC user Red Cross via

It is very important to consider the essentials when packing for any active outdoors trip. No matter what your ability level, it is important to think ahead. Here are some of the essential items you should remember when packing for an adventurous holiday.

First aid kit and being prepared for common injuries

A basic first aid kit should be in every adventurer’s pack. If you are going on a longer expedition that will take you through rougher terrain and further from people and help, you may want to pack a more extensive kit. Even if you are very careful, you or someone in your party might experience soreness, sprains, or strains, so it is wise to have supplies to treat these injuries in your bag as well.

Most first aid kits contain some non-prescription pain relievers, but they do not have supportive sleeves and garments such as compression ankle socks, which can provide support in the event of an injury or even help prevent sprains and strains. More information on the benefits of compression wear can be found online.

Always pack extra food and water, or a water filter

When you are out on the trail, weather, injury, or just underestimating how hard the trail will be to hike can all lead to delays. Extra food will allow you to be a lot more comfortable and keep your energy levels up. You will want to keep your pack light as well, so extra food needs to be calorie dense.

Energy bars such as Cliff Bars provide a lot of vitamins, minerals, and calories to keep you going. If you are going on a long trip, you may need a water pump that can filter out water from creeks, rivers, and streams. For shorter hikes, simply remember to pack extra water. Dehydration can be deadly. A water bag such as a CamelBak or a Platypus hydration pack can make it easy for you to access water without stopping.

Basic survival: map, compass, fire, knife

Information is your friend when on a sporting or outdoors holiday. A map and compass can help you save time and make sure that you can find your way back if you get off the trail. Waterproof matches should be carried, or for those that prefer it, a magnesium fire starter. A pocket knife is useful to have because you can use it to cut up food, rope, etc.


The type of shelter you should carry can vary based on the location and type of trip you are making. You need something that you can erect quickly and easily. Some adventurers carry their tent but also carry an emergency blanket or two that can be used to cover yourself if conditions get bad fast. Mylar blankets fold up to a size that can easily fit into anyone’s coat pocket.

Rain gear

A good set of lightweight rain gear should be part of any adventurer’s pack. Even if no rain is predicted when you are out hiking, conditions can change quickly. It is far better to be properly prepared for a variety of conditions so that you can enjoy a great stress-free adventure holiday in comfort and safety.