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Wellness services don’t have to cost an arm and a leg with Groupon

Wellness services like massages, facials and yoga classes are often seen as a bit of a luxury by some people, and with good reason too. They're expensive, and it means we can't always afford to enjoy them every time we want too. Well, there's good news if that sounds at all like you. Those who're having trouble justifying  the cost of such luxury treatments should check out the new offers on Groupon's Health, Wellness and Beauty pages. There's amazing discounts to be had on everything from manicures

Why use Yellow Pages when you can get great savings with Groupon?

Groupon used to be hugely popular with its deal-a-day coupons and vouchers, but that old business model has faded in recent years, causing the company to look at other ways of reaching out. The answer it seems, is simple – it Groupon now acts as a kind of Yellow Pages 2.0, providing all kinds of business listings on its site. The good new is that Groupon is still offering its discount vouchers, the only difference is that they're now integrated with the business listings. In other words, you