What to see on a weekend to NYC


Wondering what to see on a weekend to NYC? This view is a good start...

Photo by CC user skeeze on Pixabay

Unlike the globetrotters that you read about on travel blogs, you have a job that keeps you rooted in your city 95% of the time.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t travel more than you do already. While you are limited to a couple of weeks vacation for the most part, you can still take a city break on weekends if you are a quick and efficient traveler.

As far as city breaks go in the United States, there is no better place to go than New York City. With a wealth of attractions, cultural importance, and history, you will not have trouble finding exciting things to do during the couple of days that you spend here.

When you arrive in New York City, don’t settle for a yellow cab, as you never know what you’re going to get when you get in the backseat of one.

Get transported to your hotel in luxury by hiring a stylish airport shuttle before you leave home. This way, you will be able to recover from the arduous nature of travel while you ride in a comfortable vehicle driven by a professional driver.

1) Empire State Building

Assuming that you’re arriving the New York City on Friday afternoon, make the Empire State Building your first stop after you get settled in your room.

By the time you do and have a quick dinner, chances are it will have gotten dark, which is the perfect time to go up the tower.

Not as many tourists will be up there, but all the lights of New York City will be out, giving you spectacular views of Midtown and lower Manhattan at night.

You will never forget the vista that will unfold beneath you, and you will get a chance to practice your night photography skills.

2) Statue of Liberty

Get up early on Saturday morning and head to the Staten Island Ferry. Because it’s the weekend, you won’t have to worry about burdening commuters as you snap pictures of one of America’s most famous monuments from the deck of a boat that won’t cost you a single cent to ride.

If you actually want to go to the Statue of Liberty itself, you will have to pay a fare to ride Statue Cruises’ ferry to the island.

Be sure to pick the right package, as cheaper options will limit your access to various parts of the statue, while the pricier options will give you full access to the crown observation deck.

3) Central Park

After a quick rest at the hotel, go for a late afternoon/early evening stroll through Central Park. An oasis of green in a sea of concrete, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you weren’t in a city if it weren’t for the den of traffic and other urban sounds that plays continually in the background as you explore.

Attractions here include a zoo, a carousel, two restaurants, performance spaces that play host to concerts in the summertime, as well as countless trails, lakes, and rocky outcrops which gives native New Yorkers the opportunity to commune with nature without having to leave the five boroughs.

4) Broadway

End your weekend in New York City by heading to a show on Broadway. Up and down this famous street in Manhattan are some of the best stage shows that are playing today.

Many have been running for decades, while others are aiming to join their ranks in the years to come. With most shows starting between 7 and 8 pm, you will have plenty of time to enjoy some of the best acting you have seen in your life, while having plenty of time to get back to the hotel in time for a restful sleep.