Top Tourist Attractions In Mauritius

The top tourist attractions in Mauritius are among the most beautiful sights you’ll see in the hemisphere. So if you are given the chance, you shouldn’t miss out on visiting it. This island nation is located in the Indian Ocean and is just one of the many that form the Mascarene Islands – which also include Rodrigues and Reunion. It is found east of Madagascar and was first discovered by Portuguese explorers in 1507. One reason the island is especially famous was the fact that it was the only known home to the Dodo bird. After eighty years, it became extinct. So when the Dutch settled in, they were no longer able to appreciate the species. By the 17th century, Mauritius became the property of the French and was controlled by the Brits in 1810 until it finally became independent in 1968. It wasn’t until 1992 when the republic of Mauritius was established, subsequent to the creation of its own constitution. But by that time, Mauritius had already recognized its potential as a vacation hotspot.

Best Attractions In Mauritius

 Mauritius is blessed with numerous beautiful beachfronts, notably with Grand Bay. This particular entry to the top tourist attractions in Mauritius is actually the first point of interest that drew foreigners and helped the local tourism industry flourish. At present, it has been developed into a leisure and shopping destination, with a lineup of fun recreational facilities from dive shops to restaurants, bars and clubs. You can also find more private beaches in the area with the same features, namely Pereybere and the Caudan Waterfront. On the eastern end of the island, there is Ile aux Cerfs, which is considered a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. For a great place to stay near all of the above things to see and do, check out Tropical Attitude Mauritius.

As far as historical top tourist attractions in Mauritius go, people can look forward to visiting the Balaclava Ruins near Baie aux Tortues, which is the remains of a 17th century estate that was laid down by Mahe de Labourdonnais. Part of the ruins are now used by a hotel and is kept from public access. But, there are other areas that people are free to explore. The Dutch also left their mark on the country’s landscape at Vieux Grand Port and it is considered to be the oldest settlement on the island. More excavations are being pursued to uncover hidden parts of this national treasure so future guests have a lot to look forward to when they get here.

To add to the aforementioned highlights, you are encouraged to check out the Waterpark Leisure Village and the seaside garden resort of Souillac, as well as the hunting grounds of Domaine du Chasseur. And if you wish to have outdoor adventures, you could head on out to Casela Nature and Leisure Park at the Riviere Noire district or Yemen Reserve.