Top Things To Know About Visiting Maldives

It is very important to take note of the top things to know about visiting Maldives if one plans to choose this country as their next holiday destination. Even some of the most highly advertised destinations in the world require precautions. Maldives is one of the most celebrated vacation targets within South and Southeast Asia. From the looks of its colored print ads, Maldives have the most enticing island landscapes one may ever sea. Expert travelers who have been here compound the fascination by testifying to its first class accommodations and resorts. Most importantly, the archipelago’s fun-filled outdoor activities and its idyllic relaxation atmosphere conjure an incredible set of expectations to many who plan on visiting. But as always, one should prioritize safety and here are some of the things you need to know to maximize your great vacation:

Visiting Maldives

1. Crime is virtually impossible in Maldives

One of the top things to know about visiting Maldives is that this country is virtually crime-free. This is only made possible because Maldives is an archipelago and most islands are reserved for tourism use. The sheer distance of each island offers an actual sense of privacy and security for its temporary inhabitants. This fact makes it easier for vacationers to relax. Perhaps the only security precaution conceivable is to avoid wandering around at night. The tourist island resorts are very quiet during late hours and there is limited streetlight coverage outside resort compounds.

2. Stay Away from Drugs

Another of the important things to know about visiting Maldives is that this country has a decent amount of drugs. Over 50% of the young adult and teen population is drug addicted. One could very much expect this from a country that has very poor employment opportunities for the young. Drugs are, in a sense, very accessible under the radar of the law. It is one of the hazards anyone should take note and seriously avoid in this land, but should not deter you as there is virtually no crime associated with it in regards to tourists.

3. Not all tap water access is potable in Maldives

Every resort has tap water access but not all of these are drinkable. Before booking a hotel online or at arrival, one must never forget to make inquiries regarding accommodations with ideal fresh water access. This little detail could make a great difference between a pleasant memorable vacation and a horrible and unforgettable accident. The Kuredu Island Resort is one such hotel that has fresh water in the bathrooms.

4. Heat stroke is the number one hazard for tourists in Maldives

One major thing tourists over look on a stay in Maldives is its hot temperatures and very strong sun. Like most highly tropical climates, the Maldives sunshine is much stronger than that of Europe, the USA, etc. Be careful and always protect yourself from the sun’s rays with clothing or strong sun block.