Tips To Offer Flowers To The Girlfriend


Giving flowers to the girlfriend is something that seems simple but that quickly becomes quite complicated. If you talk to any floral service out there you will learn that men almost always have problems with choosing and offering flowers. It is really important that we think about various things so the choice can be as great as possible. In order to help you out, here are some tips that are surely going to help you.

Selecting The Flowers

A great way to figure out what flowers to offer is to think about current relationship stage. Are you going out on the very first date or has the relationship been going out for a long period of time? Do you buy the flowers because of a specific occasion or will flowers just say that you care?

When Choosing Flowers Before A First Date

When this is the situation, it is a great idea to simply spend some mixed seasonal flowers in a bouquet. You do not want to go for something that is too extravagant. Something small and pretty usually gets the trick done. When dating period is long, large or medium bouquets are going to be appreciated. You can choose out of vase or cello wrap when bringing flowers.

When Sending Flowers To An Apartment

Whenever you send the flowers to an apartment or to the girlfriend’s house, consider bringing wrapped bouquets or vase bouquets. In the event the flowers are going to be offered at a restaurant or at a specific date, bouquets that are easy to carry are a very good idea. The container can be chosen so that the girlfriend will always be reminded of you and what she means to you. When planning to go to various different places, just choose a single rose since you do not want to keep dragging flowers with you to different destinations.

The Red Rose

When you opt for a rose and the occasion is the first date, make sure you do not simply bring a red rose. That is quite a lot of commitment for a very first meeting. Roses tend to have different meanings and you need to send out a good message. If you have been dating for a while now and you want to express love, you can choose the red roses.

It is a good idea to offer yellow or pink roses when you just start out. The water pick helps as roses remain healthy for longer periods of times. You can also go for corsages if you are going to go to a club or just out dancing.

Special Occasion Celebrations

If you are sending flowers in order to celebrate special occasions like anniversaries, rose bouquets or seasonal mixed bouquets work great. Be sure that you focus the most on the card that you add and the message you send out. That will be much more important than the flowers that you choose. This is actually the case in most situations. Be sure that you always focus on warm and meaningful messages.