On the rail!

Have you ever heard of interrailing?

This tends to be one of those ideas that is the sole property of backpackers and gap year students, however these days, more and more of us are choosing to travel through Europe by train, visiting various countries and sights within a short time period.

train track in europe

It’s not as expensive as you might think either, and when you grab a cheap flight, jetting off to meet your departing train, and pre-book your airport parking with Airparks head of time, you could find yourself with a seriously cheap, and very fulfilling break!

Because you are going to be spending a considerable amount of time travelling during this type of holiday, albeit seeing seriously wonderful sights along the way, it’s important to make sure you cut down wherever possible on the bits you don’t need, and a good way to do that is to combine parking with your cheap flight, so you don’t need to spend umpteen hours on a coach, going around the houses, en-route to the airport. You’ll find parking facilities at most large airports, and I regularly use Gatwick parking, where many cheap flights are available.

Once you decide where you’re leaving from, get your extras sorted out, and jet off, you’re free to explore all that Europe has to offer. You’ll find many companies specific to interrailing that offer passes, allowing you to travel for so many days, within set guidelines. This offers freedom and let’s you decide on your route, which you can change at the last minute if you decide. You’ll also find plentiful, cheap accommodation throughout Europe, especially on the main interrailing routes, and hostels are a good way to go. These aren’t the old dormitory-style buildings of old anymore, and you’ll find a high standards in many – it’s certainly worth looking into.

As you’re constantly on the go with this type of break, it’s important to travel as light as possible, and not to take too many valuable items with you. As for money, traveller’s cheques will offer you security in case your money gets lost or stolen, and avoid carrying large amounts of Euros in cash. Of course, you could use your debit card to draw money from cashpoints, however be aware that this will incur a charge, and you will need to inform your bank prior to travelling that you are going to be using your card overseas.

Italy is a very popular interrailing destination, so you could choose to do just one country and really experience it from head to toe, taking in the various landscapes and differing towns. Alternatively, you could choose to travel through countries, crossing borders as you go. Your route will be yours entirely, and there are passes and companies that will you plan your journey, giving useful advice on any restrictions etc.

You don’t have to be a gap year student to enjoy this kind of break, and it really could be the adventure you’re looking for, if you’re bored of beach holidays or city breaks. As they say, a change is as good as a rest!