Goodbye pre-holiday stress!

stressed out

Do you let stress and worry ruin your holiday? Whilst it looks like a no-brainer question, many people do fault foul of pre-holiday panic and ‘what if …’

Worrying about what will probably never happen gets you nowhere but when we’re getting ready to jet off for two weeks to a new destination, there is often so much going on that we reach burn out before we’ve even arrived at the terminal door.

So, how can you cut this down and make the pre-holiday countdown a fun event?

Be prepared

Making sure you’re aware of where you need to be and when will mean there are no nasty surprises and you’re not panicking about where to go when you get to the airport. I always use a flight tracker prior to departure, and even in the days leading up to my departure, because that way I know exactly what’s what. That’s half the battle, after all.

Be a list maker

This might not be the most fashionable thing to do, but it works, and who cares what anyone thinks as long as it works for you? I’m an avid list maker, and I love ticking things off my to do list. Brainstorm everything you need to do, and keep a notebook and pen in your bag, so you can write down anything that comes to mind when you’re out and about. Half the time it’s worrying that you’ll forget something that stresses you out. This is a good tip

Don’t leave it all too late

I’m not suggesting you start packing two weeks before you go, but don’t leave everything to the last minute either, because that’s when your mind will start getting frazzled. I always get my suitcase out around a week before I go, and I start throwing things in throughout the week. By the time packing day comes around, I know exactly what I’m taking.

Share the load

Don’t carry all the pre-holiday organisation stress yourself. If you’re going away with a partner or friend, delegate tasks – you don’t have to do it all yourself.

And most important of all … enjoy! You’re on holiday!

This might all sound ridiculous, because you’re going on holiday, you should be happy and excited, but pre-holiday stress can ruin a holiday if you let it. Chill out, remember you’re looking forward to

something fun, and always remember this – what’s the worst that can happen?