The Best Water Parks in Orlando

Typhoon Lagoon is just one of many amazing water parks in Orlando

Being situated deep in the American South, and with exposure to the subtropical Gulf of Mexico , Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, the weather is almost always warm in the Sunshine State.  While state locals may be acclimated to all the heat, northerners here on vacation find the weather here to be summer like no matter when they visit.

As such, when you are based in Orlando, you might want to take a day to frolic in the refreshing attractions of a quality water park, so long as it boasts enough adrenaline producing slides and rides to keep you interested.

Being a centre of family-themed entertainment, there is no shortage of these theme parks, so we have gone through the horrible, stressful drudgery of assessing these attractions for your benefit.

So enjoy the fruits of our hard labour, which is a grading of the three best water parks in Orlando … now, go out there and get wet!

1) Wet N’ Wild

This iconic water park has long been a leader in the aquatic thrills industry, so one can expect to have a day where keeping cool and having a hair-raising good time are goals that are both fulfilled. You could be content to float on the lazy river all day – or you could take on a out-there flume ride experience.

From the Black Hole, where pulsating lights are your only visual input as you coil down this corkscrew slide, to the Brain Drain, a six-storey high funnel ride where you ride a tube with up to four friends around a bowl slide that will have you all buzzing for hours afterwards, you won’t forget your day out at Wet N’ Wild!

2) Typhoon Lagoon

Being Disney’s first entry into the world of water parks, you know they would take the time to craft an aquatic experience that was truly world class.  And to that end, they have succeeded, as Typhoon Lagoon contains a variety of attractions that will delight families and adventurous adults alike!

With a wave pool that makes one feel as if they are in the open ocean, a raft slide that takes you through an “abandoned fruit factory”, or the ultimate thrill, a 60 degree, 214 foot drop on Humunga Kowabunga that will have you belting out a blood-curdling scream as you descend down this grade in pitch darkness, you’ll surely have the time of your life here.

3) Discovery Cove

Unlike other parks in the Orlando area, Discovery Cove has a markedly different twist.  Instead of crazy slides and other related thrills, Discovery Cove is a park that is modelled after the habitat of various marine animals, which allows guests to interact with tropical fish, manta rays, and even dolphins in a relaxing environment.

To maintain the serenity of this park for the animals, daily visits are capped at about 1,300 guests per day, so book your trips to discovery cove orlando as much as one month in advance, especially during the summer months, and during holiday periods.

Cool Off And Have Fun Doing It

Lounging beside the hotel pool is tired and old.  By spending the day at some of the best water parks in Orlando, you’ll inject excitement even into days spent away from the mainstream theme parks here.