Best Time To Visit Greenland

A small village in Greenland

With several tourist attractions to explore the best time to visit Greenland is considered to be almost any time of the year. However, there are different activities to enjoy on different seasons which can suit the taste of every tourist. Spring is a good time to experience the northern lights, dog sledding, and skiing. Summer is best for hiking, sailing, and whale-watching. The most popular time to visit is in months between May to September, when the snow has melted and the sun has gone out. The coldest times however are between months of November to February.

Greenland has three seasons: Spring, Summer, and Winter. Spring occurs in months between March to April, Summer runs every May to September and Winter runs from September to March. Knowing the activities and seasons should be a factor to consider in your own best time to visit Greenland.

Greenland is one of the most beautiful places in the world which can feast your eyes with the wonders of nature. Greenland is found at the Northeast side of Canada, Northwest of Iceland and in between the Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic Ocean. Being close to the Arctic, do expect to have a cold climate even if its summer. For nature lovers, Greenland is a perfect place to visit but of course the island has a lot to offer aside from its stunning scenery.

The best time to visit Greenland varies according to the sceneries you want to see. One of the places is the Disco Bay which is stunningly beautiful with big icebergs, abundant wildlife, a view of the midnight sun and mirror like waters. Going there, you might feel enchanted and awed by the place for its natural beauty.

If you think that Greenland is only surrounded by white snow and big icebergs because of its cold climate well, think again, because once you visit Narsaq, you might want to experience the country over and over again. Considered as the “Green paradise of Greenland”, Narsaq’s water is very abundant with sea creatures such as seals, minke whales, salmon and arctic char. Not to mention it’s a rock collectors’ paradise with all the rich minerals found in Narsaq. Indeed it would be a big mistake if you would not visit this heaven like place.

If you are the person that likes the cold weather in a place like paradise then Greenland, without doubt is the right place for you. A country that takes pride with its natural resources, magnificent ice glaciers and stunning fjords, Greenland would be a great place for an ice cold vacation getaway. Do not miss midnight hiking to Sermermiut, Boat-trip to the ice cap, Ilulissat and Tasilaq. Do prepare for the cold weather so that you can enjoy the place without worrying of freezing or you might get stuck in your hotel room just watching the beautiful view.