The Best City Breaks for 2015

Budapest certainly rates highly among the best city breaks for 2015 ... author unknown, photo used under license CC-BY-SA-2.0

Looking to experience the best urban environments on the planet during your holiday time this year? There are many worthwhile cities to spend time in, but only a few can be considered to be top tier. The best city breaks for 2015 mix modernism, culture, along with just the right amount of exotic spice. Let’s get started…

1) Budapest

With a rich medieval history, some of Central Europe’s best nightlife, and numerous relaxing thermal baths scattered throughout the city, Budapest is one of the best centers that you can escape to on a quick city break in 2015.

The grandeur of the Royal Palace will take your breath away as it has to numerous emissaries in the past, the Széchenyi Spa will relax your muscles as you take in the beauty and excruciating detail poured into the architecture of the Turkish style baths, and the ruin pubs will grant you the most atmospheric venue in which you have ever consumed a pint in your life.

2) Chicago

While New York City gets the bulk of the attention in America as a city break destination, there is much to be said in Chicago’s favor, and with many tour companies offering packages for twin centre holidays these days, you won’t have to pick one or the other. While it has lost its Second City status to Los Angeles on the basis of its population, its stately skyscrapers, world class food scene, and outstanding cultural scene still make it a formidable place that is well worth a visit for a weekend of urban delights.

The Chicago Fire of 1873 set the stage for the creation of some of the world’s most inspired architecture, a reputation that has held to this day, as some of the latest towers to stretch up into the sky could have only come from the brains of the most cutting edge modernist designers.

After a long walk through the downtown core, cast aside any diet you may have and indulge in the culinary bliss that is Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. The best varieties of this calorie and flavor rich meal will have you drifting away on Cloud Nine, so be sure to savor each bite, as it often over all too fast.

3) Bangkok

Despite overblown political problems in the news, Bangkok has consistently ranked as one of the world’s most popular destinations for a city break. While that fact alone should be very telling, spending 48 hours in this Asian metropolis will make it obvious why it has won so many accolades.

Some of the Kingdom’s best Thai food can be found alongside world class food from most major nations on Earth, most of which comes at a steep discount compared to what you’d pay at home, and with many of the most significant Buddhist temples in Thailand (Wat Pho, Wat Arun, the Grand Palace, etc) being found here, you’ll be left wondering why so many rush away so quickly on their way to the beaches in the south.