Top Reasons To Visit Barbados

There are may top reasons to visit Barbados, and it just helps that  pop star Rhianna hails from this special little island.This country definitely does not need to rely on her fame to be a prominent tourism destination though. Barbados is an attractive island located in  Caribbean, neighboring Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago as well as the South American country of Venezuela. It showcases inclined terrains with coastal limestone cliffs which are unique to the region. And in the west, the land forms picturesque terraces. But what really is alluring about its geology is the fact that a large portion of the island is surrounded by pristine coral reefs. The weather between June to November may be a bit unreliable since it is the wet season. But, this should not diminish what your options are for things to see and experience on this magical island. In spite of being densely populated, Barbados is one of the Caribbean’s most popular tourist destinations, with an impressive human development index of 0.825.

The Best Reasons To Visit Barbados

One of the top reasons to visit Barbados is its amazing wildlife. Sure, the beaches are definitely a bonus. But, what’s really appealing about this sliceof paradise is that it hosts four different species of turtles – loggerheads, leatherbacks, green and hawksbill, and they all nest within its coastlines. Some experts say that Barbados has the second largest hawksbill population breeding in the region. And then of course, there are the beautiful coral reefs which make up for a fun snorkeling and diving experience. And as an added bonus, there are also some old sunken ships within the surrounding seas that curious diving groups can explore with expert guides. Juju Beach is among the most popular of the country’s coastline because it does have a turtle reef close to shore as well as numerous kiosks and shops ready to provide visitors with food, drinks and equipment. Sandy Lane, Crane and Accra also offer great beachfronts for you and your friends and loved ones to enjoy. Check out the Butterfly Beach Hotel which is located right on the coast and next to Turtle Beach.

Next up on the top reasons to visit Barbados is, of course, its historical landmarks – starting with the George Washington House. This unassuming relic from the past was actually the first place the first U.S. president visited abroad way back in 1751. Now take note, Barbados was also the only country George Washington traveled to outside the United States, so it’s a pretty important remembrance of that time and a popular tourist attraction. And then, there’s the Barbados Museum and Historical Society, the Morgan Lewis Windmill and the Bussa Emancipation Statue, which represented the slave rebellion on Barbados.

Those who wish to explore the country’s geography are welcome to enjoy a hike up Mount Hillaby, Barbados’ highest point. Or they could just swing by Andromeda Gardens in the village of Bathsheba in Saint Joseph and take a quick stroll around the fern, flower and tree canopied grounds.