5 Reasons to Visit Dubai

Dubai has become one of the premier locations for travelers in recent years. Dubai is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf and is part of the United Arab Emirates. The UAE consists of seven different emirates, but Dubai is the largest in population and the second largest in land area. Dubai dates back to 1095 AD and the earliest recorded settlement was in 1799. The main revenue sources for Dubai are real estate, tourism, financial services and aviation. Of course the emirate was primarily built on the oil. Tourism is crucial to the economy and many tourists flock to the area each year to enjoy its modern and progressive ambiance.

Main reasons to visit Dubai

Main Reasons To Visit Dubai

1. Architecture
Dubai is well known for the largest construction projects and architecture. The styles in Dubai range from historic to modern designs. Some popular buildings include the Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building in the world. The design of the hotel was inspired by the beach spider lily. The Palm Jumirah is an artificial island that was created in 2001. The palm tree designed island is home to 30 beachfront hotels and some of the most famed Dubai all inclusive resorts. The “Dynamic Tower” has a futuristic design and is the first moving building in the world. There are 80 apartments located in the building.

2. Shopping
Dubai is home to the world’s largest mall at 12 million square feet. Dubai Mall is home to an aquarium and underwater zoo, an ice skating rink, free water shows and KidZania. The Dubai Mall is home to over 1200 different stores. For a less expensive shopping trip the Dubai Outlet Mall is the best option. There are several small markets throughout Dubai that sell a variety of goods including food, textiles and spices.

3. Sports
Dubai is well-known as the premier sports capital of the Middle East. The Dubai Desert Golf Classic and Dubai Tennis Open are held annually and draw large crowds. Other sporting events include soccer, diving, water skiing, camel racing and dune surfing.

4. Friendly Atmosphere
The local residents realize how important tourism is in the country so they welcome every guest with kindness and appreciation. The deep rooted Arabic hospitality shows the importance of their cultural beliefs.

5. Weather and Recreation
The weather in Dubai is sunny and warm for most of the year. The average high temperature during the summer is 95 to 100 degrees, and during the winter is 65 to 70 degrees. The warm weather is paired well with the beautiful beaches for year round recreational activities. Some popular activities include snorkeling, deep sea fishing, boat cruises, beach volleyball and sunbathing.

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